Shred Guitar BookIncluded with the Ultimate Guitar Picking Method is the 7641 word eBook “100 tips on playing fast”. Every single tip is designed to significantly improve your ability to play fast.

These tips are powerful, hard hitting, and many are so genious in terms of their inventiveness that even if you have been playing guitar for a long time and are a highly knowledgeable shredder you may still have never ever heard of at least 50% of these 100 highly effective tips.

The 100 tips on playing fast are suitable for any guitarist. Although some aspects of the Ultimate Guitar Picking Method many not be suitable for beginners, The 100 tips on playing fast will still be highly valuable information for a new guitarist, it will save them years of trail and error as the 100 tips will show them exactly what to do from the outset.

The image at the top of this article includes a picture of the actual 100 tips: the entire 14 page document laid out on display.