How to play fast guitar book


The Ultimate Guitar Picking Method – The Scientific Approach To Playing Fast.

This is a serious and highly effective instructional program designed to help guitarists who want to improve their picking speed. It includes alternate picking, economy picking, and sweep picking.

I have helped many people develop excellent picking speed and accuracy using the priciples in this instructional program.

The Ultimate Guitar Picking Method is all about improving speed and accuracy in a very short time frame.

It works like a how-to guide … simply follow the instructions, and you will become very fast and accurate with a pick.

All included in this amazing and revolutionary guitar instructional download is:

⦁ 100 Tips on Playing Fast ebook – (7641 words)
⦁ Brutal Picking Exercises (TAB + instructional text + midi)
⦁ Heavy Metal Picking (TAB + instructional text + midi + mp3 backing tracks)
⦁ The Secret To Playing Fast (instructional text)
⦁ UGPM Brutal Daily Routine (printable daily routene)
⦁ Mp3 Backing Tracks
⦁ Performace Pieces
⦁ Midi files
⦁ All music in TAB
⦁ Bonus Sweep Picking Content (TAB + instructional text + midi + mp3 backing tracks)

⦁ Over 10’000 words of instructional text
⦁ Over 3000 notes worth of music in TAB
⦁ Over 100 mp3’s & 25 midi files

⦁ Total Content (165 files in 19 folders)
⦁ All in printable High Resolution Pdf format with High Quality 320kbps mp3’s


This will help any guitarist regardless of their level of ability or favourite musical style.

The Ultimate Guitar Picking Method is available as a download from Selz (click the image of the book for the link)

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